Visit The Generator

Visit The Generator

1) Begin our Summoners War Hack by clicking the button below and being redirected to our generator. We now have staff online 24/7 fixing any problems!
Generator Here!

Fill In the Infomation

Fill In the Infomation

2) Once you are on our generator you then need to enter your username, region and amount of Mana, Crystals and Glory Points. Your password will never be asked on our Summoners War Hack so you don't have to worry about your account being stole.

Receive Your Resources

Receive Your Resources

3) Next click the "Generate" button to allow our bots to start collecting the Mana, Crystals and Glory Points. Then complete our Simple Human Verification to alert our bots to start adding the Mana, Crystals and Glory Points to your account.

Best Summoners War Hack 2018 – Add Free Glory, Crytals and Mana!

 Welcome to our summoners war hack website. Here we will show you how to hack summoners war and get glory points, mana and crystals. Our summoners war hack and generators are 100% safe and will never ask for your password or private information. Also we now have staff online working on our summoners war hack 24/7 fixing any bugs and responding to any users who have problems. The simple instructions to use our generator are above or just click the button below to get started straight away.

Summoners War Generator Here!

Do You Have A Summoners War Hack Download Tool?

Yes, we recently added an summoners war hack download tool for all of you who are having trouble with the generator or would rather use a download tool. This summoners war hack download tool is simple to use and has worked 100% of the time ever since it has been release 6 months ago. Therefore this is the best and most reliable summoners war hack download tool to ever of been created. So massive shout out to our development team for all the hard work you put in to making this. When you are ready to download the tool and click the download button you will be asked to complete human verification so we can keep our generator safe from bots that are trying to take it down. However this will take less then 30 seconds and never ask for any private information so don’t worry about it.

Once you have successfully downloaded the summoners war hack you will have a small tab pop up that will ask for your username, region and amount of glory points, mana and crystals. Just input all of the information then hit the “generate” button. After all that is complete then just shut it down or even delete it and check your account to see all of your added resources. Once again we would never ask for your password and generators, tools that do are account stealers.

Another reason we created this summoners war hack download tool is for backup. So if our summoners war hack ever goes down people can use this download tool instead. Or until we have the generator up and working again for people to carry on using. Also for some people they might have problems receiving there resources through the summoners war hack generator method. But this download tool uses a different link system so people can try this and see if it works. Lastly we sometimes have to update our summoners war hack to suit the games updates so the generator could be down for a few days. However the download tool will update automatically so you will neve have to worry about that!

Summoners War Download Tool!

How Does Our Summoners War Hack Work?

Our summoners war hack works by using a loop hole in the script to constantly be able to extract the glory points, mana and crystals from the database. My team of professional codes came across this summoners war hack when we where reading the script for there game. In the resource section there was a gap, where the resources transfer to and from accounts. As soon as we saw this error we had hit gold, therefore we started making this summoners war hack. Slowly overtime we added an extra funnel using hidden code that links the resources to our storage so we can then distribute them to your account whenever you complete the generator. The funnel can get blocked for 1 or 2 hours but we will notify you on the slider and our staff will fix it straight away. Human verification is required on our summoners war hack to stop bots detecting our secret code and then deleting it. However it only takes 30 seconds and wont ask for any personal information.

When designing the summoners war hack we wanted to keep it simple yet effective so anyone could easily complete it and get there glory points, mana and crystals. So we spent about a week designing it so that nobody could get confused or have any problems. However if you do then there are instructions above and below that will guide you through how to use it. Also another cool feature we added that nobody else currently uses it a live chat system. This is where people who are on the generator can talk and share anything they want with others. Most other sites do not include this feature as there generators are fake and they don’t want people to tell others. But our summoners war hack works so we are not afraid to have a live chat were people can confirm that and share there success with others.

If you have any suggestions for us to include into our summoners war hack then make sure to include them in the Feedback tab at the top. If you need any help getting your glory points, mana or crystals then just contact us using the Contact Tab above and we will respond ASAP. Also share this summoners war hack with all of your friends so they can enjoy it too!

Summoners War Hack

Is Our Summoners War Hack Safe?

Yes, when using our summoners war hack you have nothing to be worried about. We ask for two sets of basic information which is your username and Platform (IOS Or Android). This is so 1) we know who to send the resources to 2) We know what sort of game code we have to pass it through. Any summoners war hacks that ask for your password are account thief’s that just want to claim your account and then sell it to someone. Never trust these as i’m sure you don’t want to put your account at any risk. Also when the summoners war hack is processing and we are generating the glory points, mana and crystals we hold them in a personal storage so they cant track it down and then remove it from your account. Even if it did find our code it would just lead to the storage that would block them as it is only available for people at the IP of our company’s base.

A lot of new summoners war hacks contain viruses that are hidden in the downloads of there generators/tools. This can lead to the victims computer being shutdown then them being locked out. Or filling there computer with Spam ads, links, pictures and extensions they don’t want. Possibly all of there data being delete and lost forever. This has really hurt our summoners war hack website as many people instantly assume this also applies for us even though we are legit. Therefore we want to battle this by helping you keep safe and secure by telling you when generators/download tools are safe or unsafe with the list below.

5 Thing To Avoid

1) If they ask for your password.

2) If they have no live chat or reviews.

3) If  they don’t require human verification.

4) If they look or seem suspicious.

5) Adverts or downloads popping up.

5 Thing You Need

1) Always have any valuable data stored on the cloud.

2) Never give out your password to anyone.

3) Have different passwords for different sites so if one gets revealed not everything is lost.

4) Have anti-virus programs installed to help keep you safe.

5) Ad blocker to stop harmful ads.

Summoners War Hack Safe Protection

How Many Glory Points, Mana And Crystals Can I Get?

The summoners war hack lets you to generate from 0-500,000 glory points, mana and crystals each. Also the summoners war hack stops at 500,000 glory points, mana and crystals because receiving anymore then that in 24 hours could put accounts at risk of getting suspended and possibly resources getting taken away. However getting 500,000 wont affect your account due to our summoners war hack adding your resources undetected and safely. But feel free to come back to our summoners war hack after 24 hours get even more glory points, mana and crystals. 99% Of glory points, mana and crystals are delivered instantly however there can sometime be a delay from 5-30 minuets.

Glory points, mana and crystals are in-game resources that make you stronger and help you continue to enjoy playing. That’s why our summoners war hack allows you to massive amounts of these. However other summoners war hack add these resources into your account using obvious coding. This makes it so that the summoners war staff can see the resources going into your account. This means that they are now able to ban you because they have proof of you using a summoners war hack. Of course you want to be able to avoid this but still get resources from summoners war hacks to enjoy the game. So our summoners war hack allows you to get your resources without summoners war being able to detect it. Therefore your account will be in no danger and you can carry on enjoying summoners of war with all your new resources.

Summoners War Generator Here!

Summoners War Download Tool!

Why Did We Make A Summoners War Hack?

We made the summoners war hack because, we have all really enjoyed playing a game and have wanted to complete it or purchase an item for it. However not all of us want to spend hours of days grinding constantly just to get 1/3 of what we need. So most people then feel like they have to resort to in-game purchase to carry on or get stronger. This can be extremely annoying and frustration for us who love the game but don’t have the money to spend on in-game resources. So you rather buy whatever you needed to continue until you are met with he same dilemma again. Grind for days and days just to unlock the next step but by that time you are bored and no longer carry on. Or you actually quit the game due to not having the time or days to invest into grinding or money to spend each day to continue.

But this is where we step in to help you with best option. Using our summoners war hack, it allows you to get all the resources you need to carry on playing the game while having fun. Therefore you don’t need to waste days grinding the same thing when you could get it in minuets using our summoners war hack. Also it can make you much stronger and powerful without having to spend a single penny! Overall you can fully enjoy playing the game, so in this case summoners war without worrying about when you will get stuck again and need to spend money or your time to continue. Instead you will always know that you can get them using our summoners war hack instead.

This is why the desire for working hacks has increased and why our summoners war hack is helping thousands of users every month. But most of the summoners war hacks are fake and are trying to trick you into download viruses or stealing your accounts. That’s why we need your help to report these to google to keep people safe while still having the real summoners war hacks up and working for everyone to enjoy. So feel free to share our summoners war hack website with all of your friends and on social media.

Summoners War Hack Why Image

How Many People And How Long Did This Take?

Creating this summoners war hack was always something we saw as a long term project. We knew that rushing the summoners war hack and trying to get it done in a month or two would result in lots of bugs and bad quality. Therefore we decided to spend a little bit more money and time in exchange for a complete and quality summoners war hack. We had 3 teams that all contained 5 members, so 15 people total. Team 1 was the coding team that worked on adding the funnel into summoners of war so we can extract resources. Team 2 was the scripting team who made all the scripts for the generator so the resources can transfer to your account quickly and safely. Finally team 3 was the design team that worked on making the generator as simple yet effective as possible. These 3 teams where the mastermind to make this fully working and complete summoners war generator. Without them we would of taken much longer making this project or never of finished!

From start to finish this summoners war hack project took a total of 6 months. Even though this took longer then planned (4 months) we know the overall finished project was worth the extra times. Also a fourth team we were planning to have that was going to help speed things up ended dropping out. This meant that we had to change the plans and led our work to do complete a little slower. First month team 1 started coding and working on finding ways in and out of the summoners war script. While Teams 2 and 3 were planning the design and script that would be needed. Month 2-3 Team 1 was 90% complete on the coding. Teams 2-3 had fully planned the design and script of the summoners war hack. Also they had started working on creating it. Month 4 rolled around and team 1 successfully complete their job of getting a funnel to extract resources! Teams 2-3 had complete the basic requirements of the summoners war hack. This is when our team 4 was meant to help but cancelled after problems. Therefore month 5-6 team 2-3 worked extremely hard to make up the best they could for this loss. By the end of month 6 the last details has been added and we were finally complete.

We had been testing our summoners war hack throughout this creation process but only individually. It was finally time to test the who summoners war hack together. It was definitely a nervous moment when we all sat down to watch the very first attempt of our hack. We entered all the information of my account, picked the amount of resources then completed the human verification. We then pressed the “generate” button and waited for the summoners war hack to do its thing. It was a success! The glory points, mana and crystals were all in my account ready to be spent and used. It was a very happy moment for us because our 6 months of hard work had turn into a success. We were all proud and couldn’t wait to share this summoners war hack with you guys.

Summoners War Hack Team Work

What Platforms Does The Summoners War Hack Work For?

Our summoners war hack works for ALL PLATFORMS! This is something that we knew we wanted to achieved since starting the building process 6 months ago. This means that you are able to successfully use our summoners war hack on any platform you desire. Making it so that our summoners war hack is even easier to use and access then any others. Therefore it being another reason we are the official #1 summoners war hack.  You wont have to worry about not having certain platforms that may be needed for the summoners war hack. All you need to do it click on the many summoners war hack buttons and complete the generator. Also don’t forget we have step-by-step guides below and at the very top of our site. So if you need a guide about completing our summoners war hack you know where to find it. So go and complete our summoners war hack on any platform and start receiving your free glory points, mana and crystals in under 5 minuets!Summoners War Hack Devices

Summoners War Hack Step-By-Step Guide

1) Click HERE Or The Button Above To Be Directed To Our Summoners War Hack.

2) Enter Your Username.

3) Select Your Platform.

4) Pick Your Amount Of Glory Points, Mana And Crystals.

5) Complete Human Verification.

6) Recieve Glory Points, Mana And Crystals.

Summoners War Hack Proof!

summoners war hack proof.